ERP Developer (Annual Contract)

Sana'a, Yemen

We are looking for a genius level developer who's best reply to new features request is "Done, tested and ready for staging".

A fast learner who can touch the ground and run with our team. 

Someone who is not afraid to take the challenge, understand the complexity of the ERP and deliver high quality code.


-          Bachelor Degree in Information Technology or related field.

-          2-4 Year Experience Developing Web Application using MVC frameworks.

-          Python skill required.

-          Javascript skill required.

-          Background knowledge about ERP systems.



-          Develop ERP backend and front-end features.

-          Ensure that code control, project site and documentation is up to date.

-          Cross testing new features on all levels.

-          Draft technical documentation.


Additional Skills

-          Problem Solving.

-          Working under stress more efficiently.

-          Business process understanding.

-          Following standards.

-          Discipline.